Advertisement Packages

Paid Facebook Advertisement

With more Social Media Advertising channels becoming available, you have a whole new world of opportunities for your business! These can be used to get more viewers and likes for your social media posts and more followers for your pages. You can also drive more visitors to your Website and, most importantly, get more enquiries and Customers.

Facebook Ad Campaign Launch and Management

Traditional advertising is dying, everyone is online today. With Facebook, you can:

  • Choose your audience by location, age and interests.
  • Test simple image and text-based ads and use what works.
  • Promote your Facebook Page or website.
  • Use the “Like” button to increase your ad’s influence.
  • Build a community around your business.
  • Control Your Budget.

Typical Facebook Ad Campaign Launche include:

  • Creating the Facebook Ad Account.
  • Setting a daily spending budget.
  • Creating a list of keywords and placing them in the ad system.
  • Setting geographical targets.
  • Designing 3 posts with high-resolution images which will be published 3 times per week, rotating days and times to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Content calendar will be planned for each month so you know exactly what will be published.
  • Boosted posts are also included.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

We specialise in helping you set up your PPC Marketing on search engines like Google. We structure your campaigns the right way by focusing and customising your Keywords, Bids and Ads so they all work together to be highly relevant to your target market. This ensures that you only get visits from people who are very interested in what you do!

We will setup and manage your Adworks Campaign and closely monitor it to ensure that you will get maximum exposure and clicks.

Please note that this includes once-off fees, weekly budgets, boosts, maintenance and reporting. Minimum 3 months Commitment Content, Writing & Design Included, published based on Content Calendar on chosen platforms Small GIF video or Static Images Included 1 Blog Post per month (Additional blog posts can be added)
Total Budget for Facebook Campaign.
Please note that this includes once-off fees, maintenance and reporting. Starter Packages includes 1 campaign and 3 Ad Groups, Professional Package includes 2 campaigns and 6 Ad Groups and Enterprise Package includes 3 campaigns with 9 Ad Groups.
Total Budget for Google AdWorks.


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