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Zebra Crossing World – Consulting Agency

Social Media Consulting is officially in partnership and collaboration with Zebra Crossing World, starting out on a trail basis with the aim to go on full blast.
Extremely happy about this and will give this 110% to ensure that we can turn this into a full partnership.

#Blessed #Partnership #Collaboration



SA Music Legends

Social Media Consulting is partnering up with various companies and organizations and has sponsored fully functional webpage, advertisement and marketing for SA Music Legends which is managed by Ebeth Loots, Artist Manager, PR and Agent for Manuel Escorcio, Belia Lourens, Steve Ashley and Betty-Jean, other artists include Jennifer Jones and JJ Stephens only to mention a few.

For more information you can visit their website or you can send them an email. You can also signup for their newsletter.

#SponsoredBySMC #Partnership #Collaboration




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