Client Usage

In line with P.O.P.I and transparency of information


When you engage with our office of free will via email, website form, sms, phoen call, online chats or whatsapp, you do so under the following terms of understanding:

  • you are requesting or interested in the service on one or more of our website or social media platforms or packages
  • that you wish to receive a response in terms of communication from Social Media Consulting
  • we deal in commincation via sms, whatsapp, email or phone
  • that you are a perspective client or supplier of Socal Media Consulting, therefore added to our communication database and information between Social Media Consulting only, not shared with any third parties
  • you accept that if you wish for all communicaitons to cease, and have data removed from our system, to send written reqauest to
  • you understand that Social Media Consulting takes reasonable security measure on digital data and will not be held responsible for loss or damages linked to data














Our Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

Terms Of Use