The idea came to life while helping family members and friends with their small business, start-up business and social media profiles to create a stronger, more visible online presence which helped them grow their business.

I am passionate about business processes, writing and social media.
I am a freelance social media consultant with extensive experience in software development and web page design.  Also, an experienced senior test analyst with a passion for writing and social media. 

Let me combine my passion for technology, development and testing skills to create an online presence for your start-up business and get you more exposure for your business.


I am committed to helping you grow your small business with embracing latest technology, developing strong partnerships and by placing emphasis on providing high levels of customer satisfaction.


My mission statement is to ensure that I provide the right resources at the right time to maximize your business potential with social media. As we continue to grow, we work hard to keep these values at the core of our operation. 


I strive for excellence and always aim to exceed all expectations.
Hard work is needed to achieve my goals.

Mission Statement

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